How I think my students should become one day before entering college, Best of 2017.

Shri has been my student in 2016 when I visited her school for a Model United Nations workshop. In a lot of 100 students and so many school visits I could still manage to remember her.

Here’s the reason why! She has been a potential learner since the day I saw her, when other kids succumbed to immature lamenting she appeared quite adaptive and “seeking”. She would ask questions to me and not sit until she was content with the facts that I had to use seeing her innate curiosity.

No matter how intelligent you re and wonderful grades you would attain, if you lose the most basic instinct  of humanity i.e Curiosity then you are about to fall for pseudo intelligence and ego. Shri was exactly the right mind to sink in my little acquired knowledge.

Her story doesn’t end here. In October 2017 her school collaborated with us (International Forum for Culture and Education-FICE) to host an international Model United Nations conference with delegates from all schools and colleges of her native state and judges being called from Bangladesh, New Delhi Mumbai. It is a proud moment for me as I pen down her designation as the Head of the conference.

The school incorporated senior students to handle the organizing and who other than Shri would have been my choice to put in the trust for Micro-Management, Leadership and Maturity. She lead an all girls secretariat and while others subtly escaped from their designated responsibility she not only was the person to accomplish all her tasks but had the courage to stand up to highlight her team’s loopholes and give them a polite yet firm piece of mind.

This helps us understand her idea of togetherness and responsibility.

When the opening ceremony saw a crisis where the Chief Guest was late and the crowd was going restless she bravely took up the responsibility to go on stage. She engaged them cleverly by sharing her experience of preparing the conference. I won’t say her speech was motivating but her initiative was.

I see a true leader in Shri and would vouch on her meritorious performance if she receives a truly enriching and honing environment in her college.

As I have evolved through my age I wish the youth experiences the same hardships but with better confidence and power to manifest a true and meaningful foundation of oneself. 

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Dead Star

It was 10th of 3rd in calendar and all she could do was sit and watch the sky going dark. As if the the blanket was all upon her the way she called it her sphere with him.

I never really try to bother into others life but it was just about knowing people , knowing different stories and emotions.

Hearing emotion  was like drinking all brands of whiskey, oh it hits you hard anyway just the mouth which pours it is branded under different covers,different clothes.

I was going through the songs of emotions and forwarded one to her. Well she liked it she seemed sorted and managed those days, Oh what a pretty piece of human mind her flesh owned. Never knew her name of what was she all about.

Do you know how it all happened? Just beside the balcony she came and stood and told that the world is a danger zone and only place she can hide with me is the Sky. It wasn’t overnight it was the smoothest take off any human could take after airplanes. We went over the world ,they shouted and waved, she took the lead always and we flew higher.

It was the dark sky the shelter were you could find me with her caressing the moon  telling that she will always be there to keep a watch like the moon does.

I remember it was ecstasy it was the poem i couldn’t write but feel. I was sleeping in the shroud of warmth until i asked her to wake me up next day . She got angry i remember her eyes were red ,she could burn me with the fire , No this wasn’t possible she was the moon. Lately did i realize moonlight isn’t an everyday story. There was cloud there was half moon there was rain there was full moon .. there was  nothing more than darkness, We weren’t in the blanket i mentioned at the beginning.I was in the dark clouds flying among-st the stars they seemed to know my story.. One of them asked Do u still find her? i said “off n on always on my mind” AND they left. Slowly and gradually they fell on the earth.

I could feel my self falling with the stars. Tasting the salt of the mud i bashed down on earth and saw the stars falling in the graves. Oh yes for a man on earth its the ground that digs in a grave. For stars on sky it was earth that was a grave. Broken stars they fell and crushed with mist buried them selves. the light went off,. I closed my eyes forever. All that you read right now is just a thought on her head as she sits and watches the sky. World knows she did nothing. World knows he is alive. but The stars know they are dead, all three of them, That is a dead star. Have you ever seen one?


There are a thousand overheard words on social media one of them “Priority”.

This should be co-incidental ,we gotta face these situations in life. I am hear to speak on hard realities and illusionary anecdotes that we create out of emotional urge.

Priority- It must be decisive, You have to choose among things.

Hanging out with friends-different friend groups?

Going for a job-job preference

Chilling out or completing your work

Convinving parents on something ir just losing….

ITS AN AGE OF OPTIONS. We are stuck into small circles of moments and fail to see bigger picture. It’s important that you take a stand Yes! You don’t care if you come out good or bad but you have to be Bold, Choose and Sort things it take a Second to Speak up your choice and Eliminate confusions.

World is full of Doubts,Confusions and Double Standards of People you don’t be one of them and don’t even fall into their trap.

Install a Command-Look into your benefit-Look into the larger cause-Importantly Choose Right even if it’s difficult-Speak for it-And Have Control.

We need to have Priorities

We need to choose things which are important and if you don’t fall into one Check your Standards again.

Life Lesson#1


Ash Kap writes for You

What do you wish Oh life
Once for today and tonight
Never the same never alike
Depths of illusions
Desires of might
Once for today and tonight

Pouring into emotions
Cuddling with imaging
Life of a wagon Uncertain beyond
Those child like fantasies
That rationalism far gone
Once for today and tonight

Life life life
Redeem me that wish
Redeem me the might
I wish you pity me
Set me a flight

And let me live all the fragments of hopes
Once for today and tonight