There has been a common growth to misusage of Post and Power at working sections of the society, but moreover a strategic disturbance created by fellow colleagues in an unaware environment of competition, emotional insecurity and lack of ethical understanding. Highlighting with a different point of view how struggling through the ‘Rat Race’ of 21st Century co-workers/inmates/batch-mates unknowingly plan unhealthy aura of misunderstandings and imbalance at any workplace, office or team project just in expectance of emotional satisfaction or destructive behavioral satisfaction(to find happiness at someone’s damage) that slowly initiates Harassment and Violent instinct at personal level. Making it viable for both sides and creating an delinquent tension build-up and an overall negative sphere.One of its content-Mudslinging (use of unjust ACCUSITION) consequently relates itself to Criminology ( Latin crīmen-“accusation”)  proving to be an core component of crime which on daily basis is missed out.

Also the fear of stability of jobs, promotions, and politics played at working level has led to many acts that defy moral standards and hence come under our observation to be a part of Harassment(sexual on majority of the reports). Misuse of designation to force someone or spoil reputation and make a propaganda out of personal grudge has been a reported study of Victimology where it points out one of its important chapters-Victim proneness.(Environmental theory)

The increase in your strata, is the increase in competition and hence increase in your relative performance .As said’ The End justifies the means’

Referring the School of Thought the author here provides prominence to Physical and Mental Harassment describing Workplace Violence(Offices/Team Projects/Schools & Colleges),aspects of its cause(Emotional/Performed),effects(Social/Personal) and generalized uplifting of the matter in case on humanitarian consideration.



  • imageI Take time to read!I’m facing a problem with this world.
    Supposedly some quotes that I see along the trolls trending these days come up true. There is little uneasiness around you,you’re adjusting at every point of time. The other guy with you either is pathetically ignorant of good deeds you do or is blind to positivity.
  • ***What I see leaves amazes***In my short duration of life I’ve met people totally lost of civic basics living a life inexistent of motive or understanding and appreciation. Lack of knowing the fact that social beings hold each other’s hand to carry forward.
    They can be white collared ones,faculty,servant,friend(to be said) and many you come across.
    A video said India and its people are young to the money they have received post independence,there’s a lot of heat and arrogance- let time calm them.
    —-And strangely there are few ones (moppers,learners,some big men)who will help you,support you,teach you new things,ignore your silly mistakes and always take you towards good whether it be a conversation or life goals—–Now that’s what inspiring me,Giving me a hope to a better life of understanding our actual existence as animals on earth.
    ///These are not big words these are actually very small things that we miss out on daily basis////

    ***Pre process***

    I have committed enough mistakes and led bad days out of immaturity but I want to be ONE with ‘good’ helping you get the ‘good’.(Good it be your dress,your thought,your ideas for life)
    No impression driven update,this is first of my true thoughts coming up,because sitting on western I realise we can act silly sometimes but still have the ‘goodness’ at heart.

    **Help me know I’m not alone***

    I will change something or a little of someone atleast,producing such thoughts,virtual updates and would love to receive the same from the like minded because Still there’s a lot
    I Know Nothing.

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Canvas (4 am)

Its 4am in the morning i’m sitting  by the window and staring outside.
What it is ? Looks  like a canvas.
Nearly still. No touch needed to spoil the scene.

It seems projecting and radiating….
With cuckoo  sound from far away and air gushing along leaves… with stillness and composure to inculcate….
It has vibes.. every sort of positive.
My daily tensions seem unavailable  even when i tryna recall…. the.morning seems coming into me.. seems a natural expression  of what is  felt like “happiness”.
The morning is a fresh canvas..let’s  paint the day😇

MRINAL- was towards disambiguity

I have thought my present to be very smooth and without a glitch to worry about but ascending towards future breaks all notion to gloom and there comes a realisation of carelessness and unnoticed – demotivated self realisation and yes i fight back, try to make the 11th hour present still better, i worry, regret, strive and almost take things back to place which makes my past a good one to talk about.

At the end things fall at place but i have kinda got annoyed with this habbit, there’s a feeling this isn’t actually the way it has to be worked at.

There has to be a change. ..

They Sing Peotry


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Hearing Someone like You -Adele

make me find a way deeper sphere of imagination.
Not just what they show or what they intend to.
But to what they speak of.
True and Precise.
I understand every line of it every way it wants the listeners to think like

Speaks of every lil incident that once happened.
So I think Poetry has a new way or just a different way of expression-SONGS

Jab suna, Na Samjha! Jo samjha, Yu likh diya!

Mehboob se bhi humne nibhayi barabari,,
Waha luft kam hua , yaha pyaar kam hua

Chal yu chal gaya,,
Pyaar bujh gayi. DIl jal gaya.
Nikle hum angaaron par
Lekar apni awaaragi

Ye waqt kya hai
Kya hai ye jo guzar raha hai
Ye kal kyu na guzra
Jo aaj khall raha hai!

Kehne ko sab kuch badal gaya
Par Insaan k Jazbaat na badla
Khoobsorati na badli
Nafrat na badla

Har ek baat par kehte ho ki TU kya hai
Tumhi bta do ye andaz-e- guftagun kya hai