BHOPAL – My Mini-India

It was just a usual visit to a city,like I have been doing for so many months in the past. This time it was a city which I could never stop loving thereafter.

It was morning 10am I reached Habibganj station, right after Bhopal junction.
The station was unusually clean,less crowded and had a welcoming vibe everytime for reasons that I could never know.

After my session with few students, evening had come to knock my wanderlust and there upon I went through the thick and thin lanes of the City of Lakes.

According to me Bhopal is the place that sings a lullaby of secularism. It was 15th August and a typical rainy day there, high breeze and drizzling all through the day.
Morning 11am I took my cab from MP Nagar to Koh-e-fiza, crossing the famous VIP road I saw a group of muslim kids wearing white kurta with a cap and Tricolour in their hands. Next it was the typical open jeep of Old Bhopal which raced beyond us with two men who had painted their heavy beards with tri colour.
The people- The Bhopalis are the most humble bunch of people I met in this country,
Yes. I claim this out of my own rationale and experience that I have never seen such hospitable/optimistic and “not ready to burst a fight” type of people.

I see Bhopal as Mini india.
You will see Muslim communities, Jain baba satsangs going on for 3-4months in a stretch, a cozy environment amongst the public in the town, happening young crowd at Chai-34 or 7no. Market.
From Ola to Rikshaws to even Baggi(horse ridden chariot seem sometimes on the road).

There’s a lot more to define Bhopal and Bhopalis it’s not just a city, its A strange pinch of emotion dropped in my blood everytime I think about it.

Coming up article- “I gifted my mother A trip to Bhopal”


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