Dushehra and The Namaz

imageIts 4:44am,October the 13th the first day of Dushehra,the 10days festival praying Lordess Durga.

and here I listen the Namaz call,comes to me as a clash of the secularism of my country.

its the time when everyone is outrageous on Modi government making hilarious protocols and Bihar elections happening with all sorts of abuses during campaigning.

i dont want to comment on them, how much shall that make a difference at this point of the very soothing morning.

Well let me take you to my world for now,

A small town morning with Devotional songs playing on speakers in the nearby asharam,goats doing a morning gup chup amongst,a very cool breeze blowing,water droplets sprinkling from the overfilled tank.

I’m sitting on an old,bed sheet armoured sofa and i face my ‘aangan’ the open area surrounded by verandas at the centre of your house.

Whatever the day has,my insecurities,my troubles at this point a sense of calm has covered all around.

very positive and very spiritual,i have always loved post 4am minutes they are the best in my opinion.

Like my previous post-Empty canvas to paint your day.

this post goes to the sense of happiness that your home provides,sense of excitement festive season brings and sense of leisure that we very seldom possess.

try it someday

Good morning.


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